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PTA President Steve Samara Testifies on Underground Utility Line Protection

House Consumer Affairs Committee Information Hearing on The PA Underground Utility Line Protection Law on June 5, 2017.

PTA President Testifies on State of Telecommunications Industry Before House Committee

House Consumer Affairs Committee Information Hearing on the Telecommunications Industry March 22, 2017 Testimony of Steven Samara, President, Pennsylvania Telephone Association Read the Full Testimony

PTA President Steve Samara’s Testimony on Rural Broadband Before House Consumer Affairs Committee

On behalf of the rural local exchange carrier (RLEC) member companies of the Pennsylvania Telephone Association (PTA)…

The future of landline telecommunications in Pennsylvania: A rural perspective

In addition to keeping up technologically, rural telcos (known as RLECs, rural local exchange carriers), are facing significant regulatory and legislative developments at both the state and federal level which have made serving their customers even more challenging.

Phone Assistance Program for the Needy Truly a Life Saver

A program advocated by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to help the needy afford phone basic service, Lifeline, is a perfect match for its name.

House Legislation Will Level Playing Field in Telecommunications Industry, Spur Competition

Open, vigorous competition is one of the catalysts for the resurgent Pennsylvania economy. Competition holds down prices and creates more choices for consumers.

Newly introduced legislation balances competitive provisions with consumer protections

Legislation ensuring the customer benefits of a competitive telecommunications industry in Pennsylvania has been introduced in the House.