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Speed minimums and muni broadband partnership provisions in proposed legislation are misdirected, ineffective

Proposed legislation in Harrisburg that would mandate minimum broadband speeds for regulated phone carriers and allow municipal governments to own and operate their own broadband networks, absent any requirements to explore potential partnerships with successful private sector telcos, will waste taxpayer dollars and bring zero benefit to Pennsylvania consumers. State Sen. John Kane (D-Chester/Delaware) has […]

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PTA President cautions against squandering federal broadband dollars

One of the biggest concerns of the rural telephone industry over the upcoming disbursement of millions in federal broadband dollars is the prospect of squandering the money on unnecessary or unsustainable projects, President of the Pennsylvania Telephone Association (PTA), Steve Samara, told the Board of Directors of the Center for Rural Pennsylvania. “Don’t repeat the […]

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Investing in Rural Broadband

ILECs urge chairs of Senate Communications & Technology to move dereg legislation

Dear Chairs Phillips-Hill and Kane: On behalf of all of Pennsylvania’s incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), we respectfully ask you to consider reporting Senate Bill 341 out of the Senate Communications & Technology Committee as soon as possible. This legislation modernizes the telecommunications sections of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Code and removes some of the […]

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