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Passage of bipartisan legislation in Congress desperately needed to keep Affordable Connectivity Fund afloat

Unless Congress acts soon, a federal program that connects low-income Americans to the internet, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), will [...] Read The Full Story

Legislation requiring FCC broadband speeds counter-productive, and unnecessarily punitive

Legislation recently introduced in Harrisburg requiring regulated rural phone carriers, the RLECs, to provide certain minimum broadband speeds punishes the [...] Read The Full Story

Investing in Rural Broadband

ILECs urge Senate Communications & Technology to move dereg legislation (Archived)

On behalf of all of Pennsylvania’s incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), we respectfully ask you to consider reporting Senate Bill 341 out of the Senate Communications & Technology Committee as soon as possible. This legislation modernizes the telecommunications sections of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Code and removes some of the decades-old, monopoly-era regulations which are […]

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