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February 15, 2019

Rule changes threaten to delay 5G cellphone upgrade rollout

Microsoft: New York has less broadband than feds claim

Wyden bill (Oregon) will create office of rural broadband

Georgia senator defends his strict demand of electric corporations to provide broadband to all members of service area

Rural internet task force delivers recommendations

AT&T: management must repay debt

Oregon cell phone users could face tax to find rural internet


February 14, 2019

Senate Dems call on FCC, DOJ to strike down T-Mobile/Sprint

Advocates like chances of bills to expand rural broadband access (Me.)

White House releases update on rural broadband initiative

NTIA partners with eight states for better rural broadband coverage map

Grant applications for broadband in rural areas begins

Why the future of satellite internet may be decided in rural Alaska

Did Verizon jump the gun on 5G in Sacramento?


February 13, 2019

Is Georgia’s rural broadband internet bill too easy on electric membership corporations?

Lawmakers urge fixes to state’s broadband gaps (NY)

West Virginia selected for collaboration to update broadband map

Getting the facts right on Title II internet regulation and broadband investment

T-Mobile plans to offer “affordable in-home high speed broadband” to millions of Americans

8.7M New Yorkers aren’t getting true broadband

PA Attorney General sues Verizon offer free Echo offers


February 12, 2019

Comcast has been bleeding cable subscribers along with the rest of the TV industry

Verizon promised free Echo, Amazon Prime, but didn’t deliver, PA lawsuit claims

This net neutrality rule has real consequences for cellular data bills

Georgia House wants local utilities to provide broadband

Local governments push back on FCC for 5G towers

Broadband initiative offers hope ignores major barrier



February 11, 2019

SpaceX requests FCC permission to operate 1M earth stations

Trump’s FCC could make WiFi great again

Good enough 5G fixed-wireless broadband could change everything

How much we would gain from statewide broadband (Indiana)

Rural broadband task force releases final report (Md)

Rural Georgians hope to finally see faster internet speeds

Sprint files lawsuit against AT&T over 5G claims


February 8, 2019

Net neutrality repeal criticized in subcommittee hearing

Congress should work together to expand rural broadband

T-Mobile to test fixed wireless broadband by using LTE this summer

Senate committee approves rural broadband bill (Ark.)

ReConnect broadband program deadline extended by USDA

Gov. Wolf makes case for statewide broadband to support education

Atlantic Broadband now charging to mail you monthly bill


February 7, 2019

5G can’t fix America’s broadband problems

Congress, not the courts, could end net neutrality debate

We need a national rural broadband plan

New USDA toolkit features resources for high-speed internet in rural areas

Senators ask the FCC to investigate wireless carrier throttling

T-Mobile gains a powerful ally hiring former FCC commish to advise on merger

Wolf wants to fight blight, add broadband with natural gas tax