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September 28, 2020

Officials urge repeal of broadband fee, cite rural expansion project disruptions

Study: $3.2M needed to fix Blair County broadband service

AT&T extends home internet waiver fee set to expire on October 1

FCC’s Lifeline program confronts a crisis

Rural internet access depends on your state, study finds

Verizon, AT&T to pay $116 mln to settle California whistleblower lawsuit


September 25, 2020

SC Legislators aim to increase broadband access

Northwest Iowa broadband project is complete

Problems with government-sponsored broadband expansion

NY lawmakers introduce broadband expansion fee repeal

USDA seeking applications to fund broadband in unserved areas

Activists call for Comcast and other providers to guarantee faster, free internet for students


September 24, 2020

Bipartisan lawmakers call for broadband expansion to eliminate inequities

Gov. Tony Evers to use $5M in CARES funds for broadband expansion grants

DOJ to seek congressional curbs on immunity for internet companies

NY lawmaker blasts new fiber optic tax as hindering rural broadband expansion

Splitting up Comcast and NBCUniversal could “unlock value,” analyst says

T-Mobile hits back at AT&T and Verizon after spectrum-hoarding accusations

RDOF auction bidder map: where bidders are based and what it may mean for the auction



September 23, 2020

Telco dereg bill moves in PA SenateĀ 

An old TV crashed entire town’s broadband every day for more than a year

Pai predicts broadband reverse auction will help West Virginia

Users are starting to report internet speeds from Starlink

T-Mobile amassed “unprecedented concentration of spectrum,” AT&T complains

FCC has money for rural broadband but isn’t sure where to spend it

Activist investor takes stake in Comcast, calling the company stock “undervalued”


September 22, 2020

The U.S. entrepreneur behind Ireland’s vast rural broadband says it’s 3 years ahead of schedule

Cambria County moves ahead with $1.1M broadband plan

Broadband study remains unsigned two months after NY Legislature passes it

Federal agencies meeting milestones on rural broadband expansion

Tech lobbying group urges FCC to define broadband as gigabit service

Starlink starts to deliver on its satellite internet promise

AT&T and Verizon call out scale, maturity and integration as Open Ran challenges


September 21, 2020

Local telecom districts want more federal action to help reach broadband goals

NH electric co-op tries again to add internet broadband to its services

Give NYC universal broadband now

FCC proposed cost-based application fee schedule; satellite application fees greatly reduced

Rural teacher and her dad, PA Grange president, fight for broadband access

California urges judge to leave net neutrality law in place

AT&T plan for advertising subsidized cell phones hit Senate roadblock


September 18, 2020

Starlink wants to beam broadband from 40,000 satellites

Worcester proposes task force for city-owned broadband service

Rural America needs broadband investment

New York State Broadband Office will not answer WGRZ questions

Electric co-op still pursuing broadband (NH)

Windstream’s diversity and inclusion efforts win recognition

California net neutrality law to rein in providers, AG says