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July 28, 2021

White House wants broadband funding in infrastructure bill

Two big broadband bills become effective in Washington state

Cable companies challenged by new broadband competition, regulation risk

Middle mile broadband deployment act introduced in Washington

Fight for control threatens to destabilize and fragment the internet

FCC expects 5G boost after handing out C-band licenses

FCC announces $311 mln for rural broadband efforts


July 27, 2021

China finishes low-orbit broadband satellite, 5G network integration test

Infrastructure deal faces legitimate problems

It’s time to expand internet access with fixed wireless broadband at gigabit speeds

Parking lots and airports don’t count for rural broadband, FCC tells SpaceX

FCC composition remain murkier than ever

Rep. Axne (D-MI) to lead new rural reinvestment task force

Verizon bent on TracFone buy even as prepaid brand loses subs


July 26, 2021

New ten-year telecom plan prioritizes broadband districts, private partnerships

Say no to the Biden broadband plan

Russia tests way to disconnect from worldwide internet

Lumen wins U.S. Army contract

Senators race to seal infrastructure deal as pressure mounts

Shentel to challenge Comcast in suburban Lancaster


July 23, 2021

Transit funding, broadband hold up infrastructure deal

Apple to introduce all-5G cellular network

Slow broadband adoption needs a real-time solution

California, Virginia advocate $6.7 bln for broadband

Consumer Reports wants to know about your internet speed and how much it costs

Verizon lost 62,000 pay TV subscribers in Q2 2021

Windstream’s diversity efforts recognized by Black EOE Journal


July 22, 2021

Rural Pennsylvanians would get $500M for broadband access under Pam Snyder’s new bill

NC lawmakers still have plenty of work to do on broadband

Congress must support multiple broadband technologies, wireless association says

T-Mobile 5G home internet service: a hands-on report

The fight to keep ‘rural’ in ‘rural broadband’

Broadband boondoggle: not all govt spending on infrastructure is an investment

Democratic senators urge FCC to scrutinize Verizon’s acquisition of Tracfone



July 21, 2021

Pate Brothers acquire Piedmont broadband

Utility and phone company team up to bring broadband to coastal Ga

Maryland to award $30 mln in broadband grants

Cubans circumvent internet censorship with Psiphon app

Calif. governor signs $6 bln broadband bill

National county association makes case for larger govt role in broadband

Lawyers gear up for legal challenges to FCC on net neutrality



July 20, 2021

New Washington laws start to close public broadband gap — but it’s a small step

AEP ready to move to next step of broadband installation in southern W.Va.

Iowa broadband expansion brings accuracy, affordability questions

Japan breaks the internet speed record

Use this Maryland website to take an internet speed test

FCC to establish innovation zone for UAS spectrum experiments

Senators prod FCC on RDOF funding delays