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June 18, 2019

Huawei using patent claims to demand $1 bln from Verizon

AT&T to cut nearly 2,000 jobs, telecom labor union says

Sprint and T-Mobile merger is about to clear its biggest hurdle

Rural broadband may be a multi-billion dollar information highway to (nearly) nowhere

FCC creates task force to expand rural broadband

Unleashing broadband on rural America leads to nearly $65 bln in economic benefits annually

Utilities bicker over FCC broadband proposal as industry leader rebrands


June 17, 2019

How the FCC lost a year in the race to 5G

FCC dismisses studies of potential 5G interference with satellite weather observations

Wolf’s broadband initiative alone could cost $1 billion

Thune joins colleagues to introduce broadband data map bills

Like politics all broadband policy is local

New York needs to take back access to Lifeline wireless

Verizon claims 5G will help fight cancer. Experts say that’s not likely


June 14, 2019

FCC will make broadband maps more accurate

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint hit with complaint over selling phone location data

Funding allocated to expand broadband on way

Wicker introduces broadband data act

Virginia takes a big step on rural broadband

Good news; the market has neutered net neutrality

Differing views on primary barriers to telehealth in rural counties


June 13, 2019

Huawei is said to demand patent fees from Verizon

Galaxy 5G coming to AT&T on June 17 to limited users

With one move, New York cuts T-Mobile and Sprint down to size

Pai: the greatest threat to the internet Silicon Valley not ISPs

FCC takes step to improve rural broadband mapping

Internet far slower in Georgia than reported


June 12, 2019

FCC authorizes $166.8 million for rural broadband

Mo. receives $24.1 million for broadband expansion

Could Amazon beat SpaceX in satellite broadband race?

Broadband access revenue takes a dip in Q1

Co-op drops broadband plan

One year after death of net neutrality the internet still works

Comcast broke consumer protection law nearly half a million times


June 11, 2019

FCC’s robocall plan giving some relief

FCC authorizes second wave of rural broadband funding

Capital investment in broadband up in 2018

Legislation designed to expand broadband access becomes law in N.C.

Across the EU, trust in Internet at decade low

AT&T changes its strategy to take on Netflix

This local community center has big plans to fix rural internet access


June 10, 2019

FCC approves call blocking and labeling ruling

Addressing rural broadband will require patience

China’s vision of a censored internet is spreading

A world divided by 5G

Comcast faces $9.1 mln in penalties

AT&T thinks it can sell $17-a-month streaming package

FCC ready to authorize rural broadband support for 15 more CAF II auction winners