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December 13, 2018

FCC date indicates that future broadband access for most Americans will be a monopoly

FCC creates reassigned numbers database

Farm bill boosts broadband funding

Telemedicine demand spurs rural broadband push in Texas

Marketplace report finds high cable prices

US fixed broadband speeding up

FCC panel wants to tax Internet-using businesses and give the money to ISPs


December 12, 2018

FCC investigates wireless coverage cheating by carriers

FCC opens office of economics and analytics

US must stop the bickering and close the broadband gap

PTA President Steve Samara appearing on Smart Talk

County embraces “dig once” policy for broadband

65 percent say Internet-connected devices cost too much

Half the world is now connected to the internet



December 11, 2018

10,000 Verizon employees have accepted the company’s buyout offer

AT&T find yet another way to nickle-and-dime its broadband, TV customers

T-Mobile exec reveals takeover strategy

Net neutrality gets a reprieve once Ds take control of the House

The rural broadband gap: after a year of progress, challenges remain

FCC says major cell carrier misled about its rural coverage when applying for billions in subsidies

Microsoft brings rural broadband effort to Indiana


December 10, 2018

FCC kicks off investigation into broadband map accuracy

Charlemont rejects Comcast broadband offer

New innovations bringing broadband to native american and rural populations

Lawmakers weigh tax to boost broadband (Georgia)

States must incentivize industry to expand rural broadband, says Delaware CIO

More than half the world’s population is using the Internet

In Philadelphia, Comcast’s hometown, the chasm between the internet have and have-nots looks intractable¬†



December 7, 2018

Pai announces new administrative law judge

FCC: nearly half of 22 million public comments on net neutrality fake

Can broadband keep cable afloat

Government-owned broadband is costly; try these alternatives

Lawmakers revisit streaming tax to boost broadband

Precedent set back in 1936 for government to deploy rural broadband

Satellites may connect the entire world to the internet


December 6, 2018

Comcast keeping an eye on 5G

In AT&T merger appeal, U.S. has a message: we told you so

The wrong way to protect net neutrality

Report: broadband service lacking in most of PA

Microsoft ups its rural broadband goals

Sprint may tackle market for in-home broadband internet

Almost half of US residents don’t use broadband internet: study


December 5, 2018

FCC looks to spur 28 GHz bidding

FCC taking action on rural broadband at December meeting

Comcast: 5G no threat to broadband business

Free marketers want to free TV white spaces for broadband

Cuba says it will offer its citizens full Internet access over mobile phones

AT&T makes it more expensive to cancel DirecTV or Internet service

Rural small grants available to deploy broadband-based solutions