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January 15, 2021

Telecom industry, broadband advocates finally got increased internet subsidies

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey admits internet companies have too much power and praises bitcoin as model to change that 

PA county completes $1.1M broadband expansion

Robocaller hit with $10 million fine by the FCC

Pai has an idea for the C-band auction windfall and it involves USF

What AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now merger means for cord cutters

T-Mobile to expand 5G network via new deals with Ericsson, Nokia


January 14, 2021

Md. commissioners approved broadband action plan

The billionaires’ brawl over satellite broadband

Arkansas launches statewide broadband availability map

Lawmakers not impressed with Cuomo’s broadband proposal

PA Senator Phillips-Hill reappointed chair of Communications and Technology Committee

Half of America is ready to switch to Starlink internet

Drones could help create a quantum internet


January 13, 2021

EU must move at speed on space broadband network

House Dems ask AT&T, Comcast to share data about home internet shutoffs as lawmakers eye new stimulus aid

Gov. Cuomo seeks cheaper, expanded broadband services

Williamsburg begins distribution for free broadband internet

Russia may fine citizens who use Starlink internet service

Bust up the NYC internet monopoly

AT&T reportedly aims to raise $14 bln to buy 5G spectrum


January 12, 2021

City restarts search for expanded broadband opportunities

Covid relief brings more broadband funding to PA, but it’s the tip of the iceberg of what’s needed

US Interior seeks to increase broadband access

Why everyone should be concerned about Parler being booted from the internet

Atlantic Broadband launches WiFi your way

FCC antenna rule change should benefit fixed wireless

The industry has an opportunity to fix perceived problems before the government tries



January 11, 2021

Elon Musk’s Starlink broadband terminals get approval in UK

Sullivan County (NY) moves ahead with broadband initiative

Latest cyberattack could mark the beginning of the end of the open internet

FCC seeking guidance on next $250 mln of telehealth funding

Dem Senate control could breathe new life into net neutrality and other tech regulations

Joe Biden, re-regulator

AT&T: DirecTV sale’s most valuable component might not be the cash


January 8, 2021

UK govt slammed for litany of failures in full-fiber broadband rollout

Closing broadband gap starts with signing Connectivity Act (NY)

FCC chair says he’s dropping social media order Trump demanded

FCC modifies existing TCPA exemptions

5G will get better this year, promises Verizon exec

T-Mobile adds 5.6 mln more customers in 2020

Mobile, media giants submit record bids as 5G spectrum auction tops $78 bln


January 7, 2021

Electric co-ops form broadband association

Concerns of lost tax revenue for broadband infrastructure project

FCC moves forward on $3.2 bln emergency broadband program

FCC Dems set to move on net neutrality, broadband subsidies

T-Mobile begins putting 5G into its fixed wireless internet service

NY promised universal internet. For many upstate residents it never came.

SpaceX, barn silos, could help bridge rural divide