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August 21, 2019

FCC to consider increased oversight of low-income broadband subsidies

T-Mobile execs dial up FCC chair, commissioners

Three switches on 5G, but takes a different approach to rivals

Monroe Electric hosts broadband meeting

Sky launches ultrafast broadband service

Broadband accessibility one step closer for Pike County

The truth about faster internet. It’s not worth it



August 20, 2019

Comcast declines to partner on broadband grant

Verizon 5G poles cause controversy

Is AT&T TV a good deal for cord cutters? Read the fine print

ISPs are throttling Netflix traffic

Maryland to invest nearly $10 mln in rural broadband expansion

FCC to consider increased oversight of low-income broadband subsidies

This startup delivers 5G broadband for $49 a month


August 19, 2019

FTC, FCC squabbled about who is responsible for cracking down on robocalls

Dems urge delay on T-Mobile, Sprint merger vote

Overregulation threatens  efforts to expand internet access in Maine

How AOL once dominated the internet and let it slip away

AT&T is losing a TV customer every 10 seconds and Comcast loses 1.7 subscribers every minute

Initiatives discussed to improve rural broadband

Thune: rural broadband cannot be overlooked on broadband access


August 16, 2019

Manchin sends FCC chair speed test results

Broadband is too important for this many in the US to be disconnected

Two more electric power co-ops announce plans to offer broadband internet

Illinois puts $420 mln towards broadband internet expansion

Vermont governor introduces broadband innovation grant program

Verizon squares off with Rochester over 5G install fees


August 15, 2019

Pai endorses T-Mobile, Sprint merger

Broadband access associated with telemedicine access in rural counties

New York state allotted $16.1 mln to expand broadband use in rural areas

How do we measure broadband?

Huawei starts research on 6G

Comcast is gouging people who watch way too much Netflix

AT&T and T-Mobile will now verify phone calls between their networks


August 14, 2019

Verizon sues to avoid paying 5G fees

Court rejects exemptions of 5G small cell site reviews

Lakeland, Fla., could be exception to muni broadband ban

Farm Bureau: urge Congress to support broadband data improvement act

Wireline broadband growth slows as residential connections approach 99 million households

DirecTV Now’s rebranding to AT&T TV NOW is officially rolling out

Millions for rural broadband is coming to West Virginia


August 13, 2019

FCC approves another $137 mln to expand rural broadband

Court vacates part of small cell deregulation order

Here’s how $55.4 mln is being used to beef up rural broadband in upstate New York

Warren’s rural broadband plan repeats historical mistakes

Why America does not need a costly federal broadband internet plan

State hopes to generate more rural broadband through grants