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December 11, 2019

How will 5G transform Verizon’s business

AT&T raises DirecTV prices again despite losing millions of customers

The T-Mobile and Sprint merger trial enters its second day

FCC to put $1 billion of $9 billion fund into precision ag

Utah companies win federal contracts to upgrade rural broadband

The FCC’s push to purge Huawei from US networks

Gov. Wolf’s office pushing for broadband internet


December 10, 2019

Ex-FCC  chair says catching up to China on 5G is national imperative

Klobuchar, Thune, 47 colleagues urge FCC to promote rural broadband

Comcast ups focus on broadband, less on video

Feds, Home Telecom to invest $16M on rural SC broadband upgrades

SpaceX wants to beam internet from space. This could be its biggest hurdle.

Verizon reportedly blocks archivists from Yahoo Groups days before deletion

Judge puts T-Mobile merger trial on fast track


December 9, 2019

Manchin continues to challenge FCC data on internet, cell phones

FCC to launch $9B 5G fund

Bernie Sanders vows to break up ISPs and regulate broadband prices

SpaceX broadband service would be bumpy at first

AT&T is raising the price of TV

The future of U.S. wireless industry in limbo


December 6, 2019

FCC won’t punish Verizon and T-Mobile for exaggerating their coverage maps

T-Mobile grids for decisive battle with states over Sprint deal

VoIP provider enjoined in credit card interest scheme

FCC unveils $9bln 5G fund for rural America

FCC says wireless carriers lie about coverage 40 percent of the time

Philadelphia power player David Cohen is stepping down from his Comcast position

5G from space won’t solve all slow internet problems


December 5, 2019

FCC tries to bury finding that Verizon and T-Mobile exaggerated 4G coverage

Huawei sues the FCC over subsidy ban on its telecom equipment

The FCC is opening some very important spectrum for broadband

Broadband towers bring coverage to the most rural communities

Australia’s broadband network is cautionary tale for UK broadband policy

The USDA sets $116.7M in grants for rural broadband, telehealth

AARP survey shows Mainers would support incentives to expand broadband network


December 4, 2019

Comcast, desperate to be loved, makes E.T. sequel

Big cable players AT&T, Charter may be biggest losers in bloody cord cutting revolution

T-Mobile has launched nationwide 5G. Here’s what that means.

Justice Thomas, preemption, and state net neutrality

PEP and FCC trying to boost rural broadband

FCC opens window for displaced rural LPTVs

Minority broadband initiative aims to connect rural America



December 3, 2019

Why I urge rapid closing on Sprint, T-Mobile deal: former FCC chair

Pai, Dems urge Congress to reverse planned spectrum sale

Rural broadband a bipartisan concern

Bill would order more coordination among agencies on broadband

T-Mobile bashes Verizon, AT&T as it lights up nationwide 5G

Comcast and AT&T are at risk of losing 40 percent of their TV subscribers in the next few years