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January 23, 2020

AT&T brought 5G to Pittsburgh, but you might not have noticed it yet

One man now holds the cards in T-Mobile/Sprint deal

Why I’m not giving up my landline

USDA continues to invest in rural broadband expansion

FCC urged to collect broadband pricing information

Pai visits Marietta; touts broadband fund

SpaceX set for Friday launch with another round of Starlink satellites


January 22, 2020

AT&T under pressure to defy Maduro’s censors

T-Mobile/Sprint decision unlikely to be appealed any way it goes

PA counties unveil 2020 legislative priorities

Minn. governor announces $23 mln for expanding rural broadband

Senators: FCC to deny NY broadband funding

California regains its power to regulate internet service providers

Windstream delivers faster kinetic internet speeds to 1.3 mln locations in 2019


January 21, 2020

New York Congress members push FCC for broadband funding

Communities consider impact of new FCC guidelines

$25 mln rural broadband project to benefit five NCWV projects

FCC to invest $20B in rural broadband

Verizon ditches hidden fees, cable bundles to lure cord cutters. Will Comcast, others follow?

Without T-Mobile, Sprint could be sold for parts

PA Dems seek state-based net neutrality rules


January 17, 2020

Phase 1 of RDOF would target six million homes in 48 states

New map illustrates state’s rural broadband issue (Al)

Mass. pursues its own route to broadband expansion

Congress making bipartisan effort to expand rural broadband

Report finds variations in broadband growth deployment by state (PA at 95 percent penetration)

NYC unveils public-private broadband plan

Cord cutting 2.0 may be the death of Comcast, Spectrum and more


January 16, 2020

Comcast/Xfinity to issue refunds to settle Minnesota lawsuit

Losing Roku is just the latest disaster for AT&T TV now

Sprint and T-Mobile make final argument for why the merger should go through

PA Dems seek foundation for state-based net neutrality rules

FCC ID’s state-by-state rural broadband fund breakdown

Pai praised for school, library broadband fund efforts

PA counties eye broadband connectivity study


January 15, 2020

Pai names new legislative affairs chief

The FCC wants to bring high-speed home internet to 6 million rural Americans

Broadband connectivity study, survey eyed for Westmoreland, nearby counties

They were promised broadband and high-tech jobs. They are still waiting.

Norfolk still doesn’t have FiOS, 15 years after launching. Verizon won’t say why.

Don’t trust the US government, states tell court in T-Mobile, Sprint merger case

PA lawmakers hear concerns about rural areas of the state


January 14, 2020

High-Band 5G spectrum auction tops $7B

A uniquely Alaskan solution to bring broadband to an isolated Gulf community

Rural broadband getting state and federal push

Virtual broadband connections to pass 500 bln by 2025

Ga. lawmakers move quickly to hike tax collections on internet sales

T-Mobile/Sprint deal faces another setback

FCC establishes rural digital opportunity fund