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April 18, 2019

Pai moves to block China mobile from entering the US

FCC Inspector General issues fraud advisory on Lifeline program

Why did Arkansas change its mind on municipal broadband?

Smart phone app to take measure of rural broadband

Sprint has 50 percent worst-case downside if no T-Mobile merger

Analyzing the Republican net neutrality bills

FCC rural broadband fund would move funds from existing program


April 17, 2019

AT&T’s big blunder

T-Mobile, Sprint fall on DOJ deal resistance report

NPPC thanks Trump Administration for commitment to rural broadband

FCC details 5G expansion

Trio of North Carolina counties close to broadband agreement

With billions to spend, feds unsure who lacks broadband


April 16, 2019

FCC creates $20 bln rural broadband fund

How the FCC is trying to pave the way for widespread 5G technology

Coverage questions plague expansion of rural broadband

Wisconsin partisanship takes a back seat to broadband

Interactive rural broadband CAF map updated

Comcast and Charter should let Verizon build small cells on their networks

$4.5B program on hold as rural areas struggle to access internet


April 15, 2019

FCC to hold big 5G auction, spend $20B for rural internet

Broadband through microwave technology available in Montour County

Roundtable tackles business, rural broadband (Tioga County)

Save internet from needless regulation

The biggest hurdles to providing rural broadband

FCC broadband maps challenges as overstating access


April 12, 2019

Trump to hold event Friday on 5G, rural broadband

Why 5G won’t replace fiber or cable broadband

T-Mobile promises 5G will cover 99 percent of California homes after Sprint merger

Net neutrality debate is really about the ballooning regulatory state

Little FCC reforms can have big benefits for rural broadband

$600 mln available for rural broadband through new RUS program


April 11, 2019

AT&T’s speed test results aren’t as fast as they seem

Sprint’s merger with T-Mobile is taking way too long

Net neutrality battle heats up in Congress and beyond

Mississippi Speaker touts rural broadband law, but questions remain

Senators, farmers challenges accuracy of FCC coverage claims

NCTA elaborates on its broadband mapping alternative

FCC commissioner pushes back on call to censor the internet


April 10, 2019

FCC refers free data plan concerns to FTC

Lawmakers urge focus on rural broadband funding

Rural broadband access discussed at round-table meeting in Monroe

Arkansas Valley Electric now offering rural broadband

Consolidated plans public-private network in rural Maine

Why you should care about a space-based internet

Layoff fears emerge as Comcast, Sky merger plan unfolds in Europe