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October 11, 2019

AT&T and other carriers want to hide detailed 5G maps from public

Net neutrality battleground shifts after court ruling

FCC auction will put key 5G spectrum up for grabs

More Connect America funding authorized

DirecTV & Dish may merge and be run by AT&T

T-Mobile/Sprint merger should be stopped, say antitrust experts


October 10, 2019

T-Mobile persuades Mississippi to switch sides

Is VoIP secure?

Study reveals ramifications of limited rural broadband service

$605M federal investment needed for rural broadband in FY2020 

AT&T, facing $158 billion debt, to sell Puerto Rico network for $2 billion

FCC waives rules for T-Mobile and Sprint related to 5G spectrum auction

Broadband’s entrenched inequality


October 9, 2019

Race to 5G: Verizon maintains its lead in September

Here’s the state of lawsuits tied to Sprint/T-Mobile merger

Rural broadband spending measure heading to NC governor

Georgia leaders attend rural broadband summit

T-Mobile, others poised to bid in next millimeter wave 5G spectrum auction

National taxpayer group challenges municipal broadband study

The billion dollar high-speed internet scam



October 8, 2019

Trump calls net neutrality court decision a great win

FCC waives auction communication prohibition for Sprint, T-Mobile

Lawmaker says lifting line fees would speed municipal broadband, but utilities likely to hang tight to this revenue stream

Ohio anticipates statewide broadband policy

USDA invests $152M to improve broadband service in 14 states 

List of U.S. 5G cities

Coop CEO advocates to expand rural broadband by expanding rural act



October 7, 2019

T-Mobile-Sprint merger gets majority support at FCC

Can rural broadband help save farm country?

Lifting line fees would speed municipal broadband

Push to improve rural broadband access gains steam

46 percent of U.S. broadband households now subscribe to multiple OTT services


October 4, 2019

How this week’s net neutrality ruling can move the fight for an open internet forward

FCC poised to adopt USF recipient broadband speed testing requirements

NTIA unveils (sort of) pilot broadband availability map

Broadband access disparity won’t be fixed overnight

Centre County provides broadband access to rural residents

Broadband critical to the competitiveness and prosperity of rural communities


October 3, 2019

Union urges AT&T to reject activist investor’s proposal

Where net neutrality fight goes next

Florida joins T-Mobile, Sprint merger settlement

The Dos and Don’ts of community broadband network planning

Pai blames Obama FCC for treating the internet like a slow-moving utility

Why it will take more than billions to make gigabit speeds a reality for everyone

More than half of U.S. homes have multiple streaming subscriptions