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September 29, 2022

Cable broadband: more than a speed saga

Senators launch push to protect broadband from new taxes

FBA CEO says no one too expensive to reach with fiber

Consolidated expects to add 3X as many fiber subs as last year 

Verizon to add home broadband in pay-as-you-go expansion

Orange CEO, FCC’s Carr push for tech companies to pay ISPs for network use

House committee questions FCC orbital debris rule


September 28, 2022

Alabama provides $82 million for middle-mile network

Communities collect granular broadband data amid wait for better federal maps

$447 mln broadband infrastructure investments announced for dozens of TN counties

UN elections set to influence how nations shape the internet

Pittsburgh, Allegheny County to develop plan to confront digital inequity by 2027

NTIA proposes buy American exemptions

FCC telecom legal updates


September 27, 2022

Consolidation looms for UK broadband providers

Businesses seeing fixed broadband charges rise as avg. bandwidth increases

Next update of FCC broadband map likely won’t be a moment to celebrate

European telecom chiefs call on tech firms to share internet network costs

Musk says he’s activating Starlink in Iran as government blocks the internet

FCC reminds states to apply for TRS recertification

AT&T scoops up $119M contract to upgrade CBP network


September 26, 2022

Legislators, cooperatives push for continued rural broadband expansion

Closing the digital divide: expanding urban broadband

The potential fallout of changing FCC’s broadband definition

FCC takes step against spam texts

Satellite operators ask FCC for exemptions from five-year satellite de-orbiting rules

USDA invests in rural broadband

Big RDOF winner Nextlink offers details on fixed wireless development plans


September 23, 2022

Overcoming the challenge of connecting rural Az to broadband

Needs of rural small businesses and federal programs to support them

Biden administration announces $502 mln for high-speed internet in rural communities

Federal agencies buying Americans’ internet data challenged by US senators

Broadband expansion plans in PA slow in arriving

FCC seeks comments on T-Mobile accessibility’s petition for rulemaking

Nation’s most accurate broadband map will come from FCC


September 22, 2022

The other side of the divide: urban broadband access

Adams County broadband task force is set

Tennessee invests nearly $450 mln towards expanding broadband

USDA to spend $500 mln extending high-speed broadband to rural America

The U.S. internet TV market is growing

Starlink speeds are slowing down as more people sign up


September 21, 2022

The next step in building the future of broadband

Union County furthers broadband expansion

Privatization of space includes broadband services

Quantum memory device could make real-world quantum internet possible

Here’s why a minute on the internet is more like a million hours

Letter to FCC: why are carriers locking handsets to networks?

FCC: two more Chinese companies pose a network security threat