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June 9, 2023

US investing billions to expand high-speed internet access to rural areas

Texas approved billions for broadband but may be working with bad data

FCC issues a whopping $4500 penalty for each illegal robocall made

FCC aims to make millimeter wave spectrum available to smaller wireless providers

FCC eyes 42 GHz for shared use

Dish, AT&T object to SpaceX and T-Mobile’s spectrum request


June 8, 2023

Sluggish housing move action poses more risk to US broadband growth

Windstream blows past FCC foreign ownership rule to end bankruptcy

Nebraska Farm Bureau partners with SpaceX for rural broadband internet

Uncertainty regarding affordable connectivity fund is affecting private investment

Gov. Justice announces broadband advancements, partnerships and expansion opportunities throughout West Virginia

PA county focuses on broadband grant shortlist

T-Mobile makes case to FCC for Mint buyout


June 7, 2023

Officials approve two companies to help expand broadband service in Centre County

New York economy requires broadband expansion

DeSantis signs internet bill of rights into law

FCC proposed rules will harm legitimate text messages

FCC blocks 5G entry in 12.2 GHz band but is exploring expanded terrestrial use in 12.2-13.25 GHz

Comcast CEO’s compensation package is 427 times the average Philadelphian’s salary


June 6, 2023

As users leak to Starlink, NBN Co weighs future satellite options

Lumen expands quantum fiber service in 18 cities

Clemson University partnering with South Carolina to fix rural internet issues

Former FCC commissioner says FCC not best suited to distribute affordable connectivity funds

Senate should press Biden FCC nominee on rate regulation

Here is how Comcast & Spectrum plan to use phones to beat cord cutting


June 5, 2023

Bringing broadband to West Virginia is an uphill climb

PA missed thousands of underserved internet areas

New broadband maps step in the right direction

Can home 5G replace cable internet?

PA distributing $200 mln to bolster broadband infrastructure projects for unserved and underserved areas

FCC wants to make it easier to get cheap internet


June 2, 2023

Cleveland puts city-wide broadband plan on ice

New Mexico trying to build and train new workforce for broadband expansion

Better maps, measurement will aid broadband funding, ROI

Broadband providers raise concerns over DCED application process

Prevailing wage, grant opacity complicate broadband expansion in PA

How the FCC may be force to grapple with AI too


June 1, 2023

Maximizing new federal investments in broadband for rural America

Centre County commissioners hear about progress of broadband project

FCC’s latest broadband map is still a work in progress

Supreme Court maintains internet safe harbor provisions…for now

PA missed identifying thousands of unserved internet areas

NTIA says it’s on track for state BEAD allocations by June 30

Could the FCC finally be full in June?