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February 3, 2023

T-Mobile CEO says his ‘Toyota’ broadband laps Comcast’s ‘Ferarri’

AT&T VP: fiber backbone carries 594 PB of traffic per day

Don’t expect a perfect map for broadband

How to speed up your WiFi, internet connections

Easier access to funding: FCC rural health care program seeks comments on new actions

Windstream again named a Top Ten Military Friendly company

Brightspeed celebrates completion of its new corporate HQ


February 2, 2023

Broadband network spending set to climb

Is broadband available in your area? How to check using the FCC map

How T-Mobile plans to navigate convergence

SC broadband office announces $132.8 mln ARPA investment

Closing the digital divide for millions of Americans without broadband

Biden’s misguided call for internet regulation

SpaceX launches 53 more Starlink satellites


February 1, 2023

GAO highlights $14 bln broadband subsidy program and how to improve it

Cooperative model of broadband working in local rural areas

Starry’s broadband ambitions fall apart

State of the States 2023: putting numbers to broadband 

Panel suggest need for tracking mechanism for broadband infrastructure funding

No signs of Groundhog Day hearing for Gigi Sohn

Google Fi says hackers accessed customers’ information


January 31, 2023

NC internet company is investing $100 mln in Columbia

Frontier debuts 5-gig broadband

USDA Admin Berke talks broadband demand, Farm bill

MyBundle marks momentum, reaches 150 broadband providers customers

Breaking down a Supreme Court case Google says could upend the internet

PA Senator Fetterman joins Ag committee

FCC asks consumers to share their broadband access experiences


January 30, 2023

Broadband providers, railroads, clash on crossing legislation

Senator says funding offers chance for bipartisanship

Consumer watchdog calls on telcos to scrap exit fees

Everything we know about Amazon’s new home internet service

FCC should tread carefully in crackdown on digital discrimination

Markey statement on advancing nomination of Gigi Sohn

Comcast says Peacock lost nearly $1 billion last quarter


January 27, 2023

Comcast loses broadband users, gains 5 min Peacock subscribers

T-Mobile may have to stop calling its home internet ‘fast’ and ‘reliable’ soon

Five reasons people stay with bad internet service

What it takes for Co-ops to enter broadband space

FCC asks consumers to share broadband input

FCC February open meeting agenda

GAO calls on FCC to tighten up $14.2 bln broadband program


January 26, 2023

T-Mobile urged to stop using ‘fast,’ ‘high-speed’ or ‘reliable’ in FWA ads

Charter, 11 smaller providers win Missouri broadband grants

More than just broadband — governors set tech agenda for 2023

You can get free WiFi anywhere you go — here’s how

Two Supreme Court cases that could break the internet

New PA reps waiting, and waiting, to work on House floor

911 funding leads PA counties 2023 priorities